A new Internet for after the Smartphone Zombie Apocalypse

Stephen Wunderli
by Stephen Wunderli — 2 years ago in Technology < 1 min. read

Not saying that we have been dumb, just a little cavalier about the way we share our personal information, about our approach to privacy. Too many of us post sensitive data as if we were waving our coat of arms.

We’re all attention starved. And we were unaware of the consequences. Now we’re the online walking dead – every virus, malware, tracker and hacker has sucked the life out of our digital body, leaving us slow, exposed, diseased and stumbling into the future.

But there’s good news.

The cure is ClearOS Mobile, the exclusive operating system that blocks everything that rots. And it’s available on ClearPHONE starting right now. Soon, we’ll enable ClearOS Mobile to run on many additional devices.

Now you can surf, shop, and control every bit of your Internet experience. Freedom. Privacy. A new world. Kill the zombies and join us: 

Today we launch a new internet for a better world.

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