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Best Secure Decentralized Phon...

The year 2022 is covered with splendid demand for blockchain. As blockchain has taken the rein of the world and emerged... Read More

Team India May 17, 2022
5 min. read
Who Will the New Heroes of Soc...

In order for positive social change to occur, a framework of democracy must be in place. Take a close look at the Hong... Read More

Stephen Wunderli July 21, 2021
2 min. read
Renewable Electricity Beat Out...

Originally posted by Megan Geuss on Ars Technica. A remarkable thing happened in the US in April. For the first time... Read More

thinkclearly June 28, 2021
2 min. read
Telemedicine is Changing the H...

Have you heard of telemedicine - or as it's also sometimes called, telehealth? A telemedicine service allows doctors... Read More

Colin Kelly May 29, 2021
2 min. read
The Power of Decentralized Com...

We live in a world of systems, mostly designed to make our lives easier and more productive. We don’t really notice... Read More

Brad Proper May 26, 2021
2 min. read
Spock and ClearOS

If you were to spend your entire life exploring galaxies unknown, in languages completely foreign but necessary to... Read More

Stephen Wunderli May 24, 2021
2 min. read
How Digital Currency is Like a...

To understand anything new, look back a century. Not that trends recycle, but human behavior is the same, especially... Read More

Stephen Wunderli May 24, 2021
3 min. read
China’s Move to Redefine...

China is now leading the world in blockchain development while attempting to re-centralize decentralization and force... Read More

Colin Kelly May 24, 2021
3 min. read
The Future of Energy

Let’s first look at what energy provides: comfortable living conditions, transportation, education, economic... Read More

Stephen Wunderli May 24, 2021
3 min. read
Road-tripping On New Forms of ...

Battery technology has improved dramatically in the last ten years, but more significantly, battery backup storage for... Read More

Stephen Wunderli May 21, 2021
3 min. read

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