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Adventures in Healthcare

The good news in healthcare is that technology is rapidly improving diagnosis and care. The bad news is general medical... Read More

Stephen Wunderli May 21, 2021
2 min. read
Is Apple Really More Secure Th...

While the online debate rages on, Apple loyalists are growing nervous about the number of security cracks and exploits... Read More

Brad Proper May 20, 2021
2 min. read
Where Innovation Comes From, a...

In 1926, Artist Karl Arnold created a cartoon of people using portable phones on a public street titled “Wireless... Read More

Michael Proper April 14, 2021
2 min. read
How the Body Works: Conversati...

TC: We talked about the body’s generation of electricity, and how you can ask true and false questions and get stress... Read More

thinkclearly April 06, 2021
3 min. read
The Healthcare Challenge

When you consider healthcare benefits, seems the only people benefitting are the ones selling health insurance.... Read More

Stephen Wunderli April 04, 2021
2 min. read
So a Recession is Coming, Then...

As we all hunker down in our homes and wait for the plague of locusts sure to follow the pandemic, a few earthquakes,... Read More

Stephen Wunderli March 30, 2021
2 min. read
How the Body Works: Conversati...

Dr. Curtin has spent a lifetime in medical sciences developing new technologies in micro-robotics, ultrasound, and... Read More

thinkclearly March 24, 2021
5 min. read
How This Pandemic Should Make ...

We are living in a time of dramatic change. The challenge for us is to embrace it and come out the better for... Read More

Stephen Wunderli March 23, 2021
2 min. read
Coronavirus Will Improve TeleH...

With all the jockeying that’s gone on in Washington the past decade over healthcare, you’d think more emphasis... Read More

Brad Proper March 23, 2021
2 min. read
A Smartphone 11 Years in the M...

By Michael Proper, ClearFoundation Chairman  11 years ago today on September 23, 2008, Google, HTC, and T-mobile... Read More

Michael Proper March 23, 2021
2 min. read

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