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How to Hold Your Cell Phone Sa...

First, don’t hold it up to your face while you’re driving. In fact, don’t use it driving unless it’s on a... Read More

Brad Proper March 19, 2021
< 1 min. read
Who Has Rights to What Data?

If you are a farmer in the US, there's a good chance you are leasing a big portion of your land from an absentee... Read More

Michael Proper March 18, 2021
3 min. read
Climbing up the Economy

We hear talk everyday of the income gap. That it is wider than ever. That there are more millionaires than ever. And,... Read More

Stephen Wunderli March 16, 2021
2 min. read
Verizon Embracing Blockchain: ...

This is big news. The biggest cell phone network in the US is using blockchain technology in two ways: To store log-in... Read More

Brad Proper March 11, 2021
2 min. read
Decentralizing Retail: Time to...

We all know them, those friends of a friend that cozy up to us because of the sales opportunity we represent. They... Read More

Stephen Wunderli March 07, 2021
4 min. read
Are Smartphones Really as Addi...

We are in the smartphone business for one key reason: to make the digital experience for kids and parents much safer... Read More

Michael Proper March 06, 2021
2 min. read
ClearFoundation Daily Bonanza ...

As the distribution of ClearFoundation’s Daily Bonanza Giveaway Tickets and CLEAR Token expands, we want to... Read More

Colin Kelly February 27, 2021
< 1 min. read
Own Yourself. Protect Who You ...

We’re not talking about being responsible for your actions, although that is a good thing.  Think about all... Read More

Michael Proper February 26, 2021
< 1 min. read
US Suicide Rates Among Indigen...

Originally published by Julia Reinstein at BuzzFeed News. US suicide rates are the highest they've been... Read More

thinkclearly February 26, 2021
2 min. read
Top 10 Energy Sources of the F...

[embed][/embed] These are ten of the most promising alternative energy sources of... Read More

thinkclearly February 25, 2021
< 1 min. read

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