ClearFoundation Daily Bonanza Giveaway Announcement

Colin Kelly
by Colin Kelly — 2 years ago in Innovation < 1 min. read

As the distribution of ClearFoundation’s Daily Bonanza Giveaway Tickets and CLEAR Token expands, we want to let you know that there is a big day coming up on October 1st. The number of total CLEAR Tokens allotted to ticket holders is the biggest day ever – more than 223,500,000 CLEAR Tokens to be exact. This means October 1st could be a good day to place your tickets in exchange for tokens.

October 1st is a special day because four nations have national holidays on that date – China, Cyprus, Nigeria, and Tuvalu.

As the Daily Bonanza Giveaway continues, the circulation of CLEAR Tokens will increase, expanding the ecosystem and providing opportunities for CLEAR Token holders all over the world to participate in an economy that rewards them for using smart technology. It also allows ClearFoundation to increase our support for global initiatives like education, clean water, renewable energy, and better food distribution.

We invite you to join us in doing well, and doing good!

Did you know you can get a free Portal account, a free digital wallet, and one free Daily Bonanza Giveaway Ticket to get started?

Now is the perfect time to register since you can place your free ticket on October 1 and get your share of 223,500,000 CLEAR Tokens!

Visit the ClearFoundation Daily Bonanza Giveaway Getting Started page to get set up today.

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