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Stephen Wunderli
by Stephen Wunderli — 2 years ago in Opportunity 2 min. read

We hear talk everyday of the income gap. That it is wider than ever. That there are more millionaires than ever. And, that government should do something to level the disparity.

The attraction of a free market is that it does make more millionaires. The drawback is that it leaves many behind—some by choice. They pick more noble professions and find their fulfillment in the work they do rather than the paycheck they take home. But what of those who have the brains and ambition, but not the opportunity? That’s where the free market can be brutal. 

None of us should expect equality of outcome. That would only punish the hardworking among us to the point where there was nothing left to share. But we can expect a more equal opportunity playing field. When corporations get too big they tend to hoard opportunity. That’s why we have antitrust laws, to protect consumers and competitors from predatory practices. 

But most of us don’t know of all the opportunities available to us. Small Business owners face so many obstacles it can be daunting to even try. It feels like there are fewer and fewer opportunities, when in reality, there are more than ever, if we know where to look. The barrier to small business is lower than ever. And yes, the competition online is fierce, but it’s also where the customers are. And you don’t need to have a warehouse or even a garage full of inventory to get started. What you need is the right commission structure on products people want and that manufacturers are willing to let you sell rather than pay the high-cost of retail fees. 

It all starts with a good product line. ClearUnited builds technology that protects, connects and benefits families. Rather than push their products through the aging traditional retail channels, or simply opening a website and paying tons of money to drive traffic, we let our customers do the talking. If they love the product and therefore share it with their friends, why shouldn’t they get a commission on the sales? 

We give away so much of ourselves for free these days. Think about it. We give away our data to companies who make money off it. We recommend products we love and get nothing in return. We even wear products that advertise for the manufacturer and don’t even get a discount!

ClearUnited is shifting the economy. Anyone who refers a customer gets a commission. Refer enough customers and get your product or services paid for. And here is the cool thing: rather than pay big advertising fees, or big retail fees, we give that money back to you, the customer who loves their ClearUnited products enough to share them. So we pay you commissions on friend of a friend purchases, up to 4 referrals deep! Customers who want to earn these kinds of commissions are called influencers. And when they start to make a business of it, they’re called Ambassadors. Making a business of it is just that, devoting your time to building a business.

For some people, they just want to get their products and services at a reduced rate, or even free. But for those who are looking for a way to start a small business, or even a side hustle, ClearUnited provides the first step. 

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Monday, 24 May 2021

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