New Android Ransomware Infects Via Text Message

by ThinkClearly Staff Writers — 10 months ago in Privacy < 1 min. read

A new form of ransomware attack recently surfaced that attacks Android devices using a link sent via SMS/Text messages to spread.

The cybersecurity team at ESET recently posted results from an investigation into the new malware called Android/Filecoder.C that was originally distributed around online forums.

Once installed on an Android device, Android/Filecoder.C grabs each victim’s contact list and sends an SMS/Text message to every contact.

Using a technique called SMSishing, the link in the SMS/Text is advertised as a seemingly legitimate photos app allowing friends to share photos. But in reality is a malicious app containing the ransomware.

After sending the texts, Android/Filecoder.C encrypts and locks users out of almost every file on a victim’s phone rendering it unusable. It then requests a Bitcoin ransom in order to regain control with unlocking costs ranging from $90 to $190 or even higher depending on Bitcoin’s current value.

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