Verizon Embracing Blockchain: Decentralization is Turning the World Upside Down

Brad Proper
by Brad Proper — 2 years ago in Uncategorized 2 min. read

This is big news. The biggest cell phone network in the US is using blockchain technology in two ways: To store log-in credentials and to secure large networks like smart cities and power grids.

This signals a coming of age for blockchain technology. For years it has been synonymous with Bitcoin. But what makes Bitcoin so viable is the blockchain technology behind it. As the technology has matured, the obvious security benefits have risen to the top. With Verizon adopting this decentralized approach to keeping log-in credentials more secure than ever before, we will see a land rush by other companies to adopt the technology. 

Decentralizing data is the only way to keep it safe. The number of hacks, manipulations, corruption and loss on centralized data centers is staggering. One in three people who use the Internet will be compromised in some way this year. It’s time to rapidly adopt technologies that allow us more control over our digital lives. The time of unfettered access to private data is over. We’ve seen too much damage and the general public is getting fed up. 

At ClearCenter, our mission for the past eleven years has been to bring more security to the individual. This begins with a complete shift in perspective. We don’t see the user as a commodity whose digital assets can be analyzed, bought and sold. We see the user as a human being, a mom or daughter or small business owner who has the right to control how their data is seen, shared and sold. There is a good example of this in history. Around Shakespeare’s time there were no copyright laws. Printers could copy any work they came across and sell it for profit. This left the individual creators out of luck. The laws governing ownership had to catch up with the second renaissance of artistic distribution. 

Technology grew beyond our ability to control how our individual digital lives were being bought and sold. But instead of turning to regulation to solve the problem, innovators have turned to technology to fix itself. We’re excited about the awareness blockchain is finally getting. We’ve been on the bandwagon for some time now. Decentralization will calm the chaos and give us back our digital souls. At Clear, this is only a beginning. Stay tuned for products that move you off the polluted mainstream Internet, and onto a more private, more controlled experience that delivers more of what you want, and blocks everything else.

The future is Clear.

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